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Arch Aid is a non-profit organisation founded by a group of architects, who use their knowledge and skills to help people in need.


We raise funds, develop projects and realize them in collaboration with local construction teams and promote the use of natural building materials.


Arch Aid is based in Switzerland.

From there we start raising funds for social and sustainable projects in rural areas of developing countries.


Around 40% of the global CO2 emissions are caused by the building sector. One out of 8 people lives in slums. As architects, we have a responsibility and potential to improve these numbers


Social Justice

Today, one out of eight people live in slums. This is mainly because of the current state of the villages in the underdeveloped world, causing numerous people to migrate to the cities, work under inhumane conditions and eventually end up in slums.

Through our projects, we aim to strengthen rural communities and improve their living conditions to slow down the rate of further migrations to the cities.

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Ecological Response


Around 40 percent of the global CO2 emissions are related to the building sector. In the course of globalisation more and more people are inclining towards the use of unsustainable building practices and moving further away from their traditional building knowledge.

By using local and natural building materials and promoting traditional craftsmanship and knowledge, we set an example and spread awareness of an environmentally sound architecture in the villages.


We believe in working together with the communities to cater to their needs and to create socially sustainable projects. Together with a good network of supporters we raise the funds for the projects that we realize in collaboration with local construction teams.

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We try to find the local potentials when it comes to the use of building materials and the traditional knowledge. Therefore, we mainly use natural and locally available building materials and collaborate with local building experts.

We create a balance by building a network of skilled volunteers and funding opportunities - from where it is plenty to where it is lacking. Through a network of willing supporters we share our luck with people in need.

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