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In April 2022, we visited the village Bahuarwa in Bihar, India. On paper, there are all the facilities in the village provided by the government, like a school, a small hospital etc., but in reality it was discovered that none of them have been in operation for many years. Along with that, the lowest caste Dalits (also known as untouchables) are still discriminated against and the families often fall into the generational disadvantage of being poor due to lack of proper education, awareness and healthcare. Because of the lack of affordability, the Dalit kids were quite often seen roaming around in the village with their parent’s cattle or helping in babysitting their younger siblings instead of being in the school.

In the light of all this, we have decided to launch a new project that supports the education of the Dalit kids in this village by building a school. In order to develop the traditional craftsmanship further, we will try to promote the use of locally available mud and bamboo through the building process. We will realize this project with our partner organisation, Bahuarwa Foundation which has been very active in the village and heading many welfare projects in support of the families belonging to this caste. 

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