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Cha Dokan (tea kitchen) is the living room of the village. Here, people meet for social exchange, play cards, enjoy the shade or just drink tea. The tea kitchen is open to everyone. You can also come here without ordering tea. The small photovoltaic cell on the roof allows the village's living room to be illuminated, which makes it a safe place even in the evening. Especially in remote rural locations, where private living space is very limited, the tea kitchen is an important meeting and recreation place.


Just as important as the social function of the tea kitchen is the construction process that led to it. For the implementation of the project, almost exclusively natural and locally available materials were used, which were processed by local craftsmen. The use of clay, bamboo and jute is not only much more sustainable, but also cheaper than using imported materials such as cement and steel. The saving of material costs in turn allows high-quality craftsmanship and thus local added value, which highlights the potential of the place and strengthens the independence of the villagers.  

Find more information on our Project Report 2021.

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